Retinal Detachment: Symptoms, Causes & the Ways to Boost Retinal Health

Retinal detachment is an emergency situation where the tissue at the back of the eye is separated from its normal position. The retinal cells fall back from the layer of blood vessels that provide the necessary oxygen and nourishment. If the patients are not careful enough and don’t treat the disease at the earliest, this condition can cause permanent vision loss. You  can get optimum vision care services for retina treatment in Mumbai at Arohi Eye Hospital.


Retinal detachment can have a lot of signs and symptoms from the earlier stage. Avoiding these can be detrimental to your eyesight. But you can improve the health of the retina simply by following a few tips. So here in this article, we are going to share an overview of retinal detachment where you’ll learn the warning signs and common causes of the same. And in the end, a few tips on improving the health of your retina would be a bonus! So keep reading.


What are the Alarming Signs of a Detached Retina?

Although retinal detachment is a serious eye condition, it is painless from the very beginning. For this reason, patients tend to neglect the other signs of retinal detachment. However, to make you aware of the condition, here we are sharing the warning signs of the disease. And these are:

Suddenly you’ll experience the appearance of a lot of floaters in your eye. You’ll feel like small spots sail through your field of vision. And the size and number of floaters can increase suddenly.
In the first stage of retinal detachment, there will be sudden flashes of light in one eye or both eyes. This could mean the vitreous material is separated from the tugging on the retina.
There can be a beginning of a dark shadow in your eyes. You might feel like a curtain being pulled over your vision in one eye. Usually, if you have peripheral vision, you can face this symptom. The increasing shadow results from the growing area of retinal tissue separated from the back of the eye-wall. It no longer can react to the light.
Apart from all these, with time, your vision can get blurred and your side vision or peripheral vision can be reduced as well. For treating any kind of eye disorder, reach out to the best eye hospital in Mumbai.